At Thomastown West Kindergarten we know that children learn through play.  Our curriculum encourages this natural drive and supports children’s learning in all areas; intellectual, physical emotional and social.  Our goal is to assist your child to develop learning skills to equip him/her for life.

Our programs are based on our observations of children and our understanding of Early Childhood Principals, best practice, contemporary theories of child development and reflecting on the National and the Victorian Early Years Learning Frameworks and Standards.

At Thomastown West kindergarten we provide a positive stimulating environment for each individual child. Ensuring that all children are nurtured, safe, supported and secure is the foundation of the program. Children’s individual interests and needs are the basis for developing a play based program so that all children are actively involved in their own learning and development.

We would like all children to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that ensure they have the foundations for a meaningful and productive life.

We do this by:

  • Offering a play based curriculum that reflects the children’s’ needs, interests and strengths
  • Providing unstructured play materials such as sand, water, blocks, paint and clay for children to develop a positive attitude towards learning and exploring.
  • Having highly trained, motivated experienced educators who share a mutual respect for each other’s input and professionalism. Educators regularly attend Professional development, share in meaningful discussions and support each other’s needs and strengths.
  • Educators using their skills and knowledge of child development and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development framework to plan, assess and reflect on programs for each child. This ensures a high quality program for all children attending the service.
  • Viewing children as capable and competent learners therefore allowing children choices, input into decisions, time and responsibility for co sharing their own learning.
  • Helping children to develop dispositions including resilience, curiosity and empathy.
  • Providing an environment that is challenging, fun and interesting.
  • Managing children’s behaviour through guidance, positive reinforcement and encouragement. Through this guidance we aim to allow each child to develop a positive sense of self and confidence.
  • Actively encouraging children to develop healthy bodies and lifestyle.
  • Giving children opportunities to become environmental warriors modelling sustainable living and environmental practices.

We value cultural and family diversity and are respectful of such within our daily programs, interactions, celebrations and routines. At Thomastown West Kindergarten we believe that the best outcomes for children’s learning and development takes place where there is a strong partnership with educators and families and the community. Particular attention is paid to the contribution of Australia’s indigenous people and their history.

We do this by:

  • Providing a caring and supportive environment that reflects individual and cultural diversity.
  • Communicating openly with families.
  • Encouraging and supporting parent participation.
  • Creating an environment where families feel welcomed and valued.
  • Acknowledging the parents/guardians as the child’s first teacher.
  • Recognising and respecting individual parenting styles.
  • Encouraging community involvement in developing and contributing to the curriculum and daily applications of the service.
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